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Python List Data Type. # list of scores scores_ls = [91, 77, 82, 45, 89] # score at index 0 print (scores_ls [0]) Output: 91.
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  • Here, we are using a list instead of a set.
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    You can achieve this now with type hint by specifying the type from the __init__ function.

  • DataFrame(data, columns= ['points']) #view resulting DataFrame print(df) points 0 4 1 14 2 17 3 22 4 26.
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    The Python interpreter itself doesn't care about the annotations but there are external tools for checking.

  • Lists might contain items of different types, but usually the items all have the same type.
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  • It might be helpful to think about data types in terms of information they can represent.
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    Here, we are using a list instead of a set.

  • A string is only one kind.
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    Python numeric data type is used to hold numeric values like;.

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    Once a list has been created, elements can be added, deleted, shifted, and moved around at will.